Welcome to JA Gear!


Hello All!  10- 2022 All systems go for the 22-23 season.


 Thank you for looking at the J.A.Gear website! I have been making outdoor gear for close to 30 years, but I'm new to this web stuff. The site seems to be working, because folks are ordering packs and butt flaps! Thank you!

Big Sky Butt Flap is transitioning to Beavertail! Some folks have known them as Beavertails for years (SnowBowl). I know some don't like to say "butt". Maybe some don't know what a big sky mud flap is.

Some who pay with PayPal are concerned when they don't get instant notification of the order. PayPal informs me of the order,( via e-mail) but not you.I have to notify you through e-mail that your order was received. Sometimes that might not be till the end of the day because maybe I am goofing off and out skiing. I will contact you!

Sorry about the price increase!  Still a good value for hand made custom gear!

I am passionate about getting after it in the mountains. Whether skiing, biking, fishing, hunting, or just going for a hike."....the mountains do not change, they are always beautiful,not just to the eye, but above all to the heart." (G. Rebuffat " Starlight and Storm" [what a great book!]). I am not a salesman or a marketer. I let my gear do the talking or the people who use it.

My Ridge Packs have been popular for some 30+ years. Skiers at Bridger Bowl know that these are the best packs for hiking the Ridge or Schlasman's.The Big Sky Butt Flaps have been popular at MT Snowbowl for years, sold as Beavertails. I know folks call the flaps different names, which makes it hard to Google.  I hope to make it easy to get a pack. Perhaps the easiest way is just to call me!  I have a PayPal acc. so we can do it that way or send me a check.

Lots of people like my stuff . I hope I have something a little different to offer. I try to keep it simple. Most people say they like that my packs don't have a lot of extra bells and whistles.I'm not into fads in the name of "innovation".I don't make fashion accessories but functional gear that works! And since I am dealing directly with you, I can charge a reasonable price.(I'm in this for the fame not the money,LOL). Just don't think of them as cheap. I won't give you any hype, or B.S. 


Contact me at 406-587-2504 and let's talk about a pack!

Thank You and I'll ski ya later.

Jim Schipf